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HOT Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal day is FINALLY here! I've been climbing the walls waiting to show this baby off. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty before you. *Sigh* 

Okay, now that that's out of the way, I have some exciting news to share with you! Billionaire Bosshole was nominated as one of the most anticipated January romances on Goodreads! This is a great honor and I'd love it if you helped increase its rank by voting HERE.  Remember, it's going into Kindle Unlimited on release day (January 9th) so if you use a non-Kindle device, grab your copy now! Even if you are a Kindle reader, it's on sale for only 99¢ USD during the pre-order period! CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy now! If you haven't had the chance to check out the synopsis yet, here you go! 

Bosshole (ˈbȯs - ˈhōl )


1. A person who turns into a massive jerk ten seconds after being made supervisor.

2. An employer completely devoid of empathy or concern for anyone else.

3. A manager with whom you often disagree.

Also see: jerk boss, a$$hole, egomaniac

Do you know the one thing you should never do at work?

Your boss.

Sadly, following that particular piece of advice is much easier said than done.

Ronan Maxwell is hands down the sexiest man I’ve ever met. He’s also the pushiest, most demanding, and most arrogant S.O.B. on the planet. And even though I can’t stand him, I never stop wondering how his ridiculously pretty mouth would feel against my skin. Or whether or not that bulge in his pants is as impressive as it seems.

For two years, I had it under control. But then one late night, all that changed. Now that I know firsthand how electrifying his touch can be, I want him more than ever. And the longer we continue this twisted relationship, the softer my heart gets. I have no idea what the future holds, but one thing I know for sure—this man has the power to break my heart.

And that’s one thing I can never let happen.

*Billionaire Bosshole is the third installment in the Bedding the Billionaire world. It is a full-length interconnected standalone novel.


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