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Do You Like Book Money?

Do you need some serious book money, my friends (over $60 in Amazon dollars)? I am HERE for you!

Two $60 Amazon gift cards are up for grabs! Click below to add these upcoming releases to your Goodreads shelf, and you'll be all set:

Enter here:

And if you're willing to follow me while you're there, I'd be so grateful:

When you follow me on other platforms, it makes it easier for us to stay connected no matter what--that way, you don't miss a single thing! Sales, specials, exclusives...all delivered to you.

Note when entering, you must put your Goodreads user name to confirm all 13 of these titles have been added.

Participating Authors:

Leslie Pike

Adriana Locke

Grahame Claire

Kaylee Ryan

Melissa Foster

Stephanie Rose

Laura Pavlov

Laura Lee

Lacey Black

Kristy Bromberg

Corinne Michaels

Gwyn McNamee

Natasha Madison


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