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Broken Playboy is LIVE!

Broken Playboy is LIVE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! I'm so excited to share Bentley's story with you! You can grab your copy here: Check out the blurb: From USA Today bestselling author, Laura Lee, comes the sexy and heart-wrenching new standalone story set in the Windsor Academy world.

They call me a player.

A joker.

The guy always down for a good time.

But if they knew the secrets I’ve been keeping, they’d call me something else entirely.

For the last two years, I’ve been buried in shame, numbing the pain with various vices. Drowning in self-hatred and concealing it with a smile.

I had a system in place, a surety that no one would learn the truth. Then Sydney Carrington came waltzing back into my life.

She’s the new headmaster’s daughter.

The most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

The one person on Earth who can expose what I’ve worked so tirelessly to hide:

That I'm the fucking villain in this story.

◆ BROKEN PLAYBOY is the fourth book in the Windsor Academy world. While it may be read as a standalone, as it focuses on a new couple, your reading experience may be enhanced if you read the entire series in order. This book may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Due to mature subject matter, it is recommended for readers 17+ only.

1. Wicked Liars

2. Ruthless Kings

3. Fallen Heirs

4. Broken Playboy

NOTE: Books 1-3 MUST be read in order to follow the story properly. Book 4 can be read as a standalone.

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Please please 🙏 tell me Cam has or is going to have her own story???

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