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Have you ever wanted to go right to the steamy bedroom scene when reading a romance?

Then this is the anthology for you.

Wild and Windy Chicago Book Event proudly presents SEXY BEDTIME STORIES. 28 stories written by 28 selected authors attending this signing with all profit being donated to the Chicago Food Bank.

Each of the 28 authors featured were inspired by the title and challenged to write five sexy chapters.

Each contribution is different.

The only theme they share is the challenge to be sexy.

All the authors contributing to this anthology are attending the fifth annual Wild and Windy Chicago Book Event May 12-13, 2023.

Each author has generously donated their story and 100% of the profit from this anthology will be going to the Chicago Food Bank. There are paperback and hardcover versions of this anthology available separately.


The following authors are contributing to this anthology:

Alley Ciz, Cambria Hebert, Cary Hart, Harloe Rae, Hilary Storm, J. Saman, J.D. Hollyfield, J.L. Beck and C. Hallman, Jenna Galicki, Jennifer Hartmann, K.K. Allen, Kristy Marie, Laura Lee, Laura Pavlov, Lena Hendrix, Lisa Suzanne, Mandi Beck, Michelle Hercules, Michelle Mankin, Penelope Black, Rachel Leigh, Rebecca Sharp, Sapphire Knight, T.K. Leigh, T. Torrest, Teagan Hunter, Willow Aster, Yolanda Olson



From USA Today Bestselling Author, Laura Lee, comes this new dark and addicting reverse harem romance series. (The release date shown online will be pushed forward once a final date is determined.)


I grew up with three boys who vowed to always protect me.

Vaughn, Nico, and Cruz started as my neighbors.

Then, they became my best friends.

And in the end, they were my entire world.


We thought we were invincible. That nothing and no one could ever tear us apart.


It’s funny how murder has a way of changing that, isn’t it?


This is the story of our beginning.

This is the story of our destruction.



*CALLOUS BOYS is book 1 of the Callous Boys of Crystal Cove series and does end in a cliffhanger. This is a dark (#whychoose) reverse harem story, meaning the heroine winds up with three or more love interests by the final installment. Each book must be read in order to follow the story properly. This book may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Due to mature subject matter, it is recommended for readers 17+ only.


Please note: This story was previously published in the Brutal Boys on Devil's Night anthology. (No longer available) The content has NOT been revised.



From USA Today bestselling author, Laura Lee, comes a dark and sexy retelling of the Greek legends of Ares and Aphrodite.


There was a time when I’d thought Armani Lopez was the one.


She was everything I’d ever dreamed of in a woman: Beautiful, intelligent, with a fiery attitude that instantly made me hard. I had never wanted anyone more intensely than I wanted her.


Until I learned the truth.

Three years later, she’s back in Crystal Cove, demanding a second chance.

Claiming things from our past aren’t exactly as they seemed. But I have no desire to rekindle our joke of a relationship. I have neither forgiven nor forgotten the depth of her betrayal.

Armani swears we were meant to be together. That we were made for one another.

But I say that’s impossible.


Because the thing is, Armani Lopez never truly belonged to me.


Because Armani Lopez… belonged to my brother first.

RUTHLESS GOD is a dark MF interconnected standalone romance set in the Inked Men of Crystal Cove world. Please be advised that this is not an easy tale, and it may contain triggers for sensitive readers. If you’re looking for a sweet, swoony hero or a mild-mannered heroine, this is not that story. Consider yourself warned.


Please note: The first third of this story was previously published in the Bully God anthology. (no longer available) This is the full-length version.



Filthy Knight is a MF high school stepbrother bully romance. It is an interconnected standalone novel set in the Boys of Beverly Prep series. The release date shown online will be pushed forward once a final date is determined. The Boys of Beverly Prep series is a spin-off of the Windsor Academy series; therefore, several characters may cross over.
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