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Billionaire Bosshole is LIVE!

You can't see me right now but I'm jumping up and down with jazz hands because I'm so excited to share Ronan and Quinn's story with you. I could go on and on about all the reasons why you should read it, but I decided to interview a character from the book instead. Without further ado, meet Sylvie O'Hare: 

ME: “Thank you for being here, Sylvie.”

SYLVIE: “Thanks for having me.”

ME: “Let’s talk about my new release, Billionaire Bosshole. Tell me about your role.”

SYLVIE: “Besides being Quinn’s favorite bestie? Antonio will tell you that he’s her favorite, but that boy’s delusional.”

ME: “Yes, besides being the heroine’s favorite bestie.”

SYLVIE: “Well, you could say I’m the token wildly inappropriate friend. The comic relief, if you will.”

ME: “Why’s that?”

SYLVIE: “If you asked Quinn, she’d say I’m a little outrageous sometimes. She often tells me I’m missing a filter between my mouth and my brain. Personally, I’d prefer to think of myself as...refreshingly honest. And maybe a bit of a perv.”

ME: (Chuckles) “Just a bit?”

SYLVIE: (Laughs) “If by a bit, you mean a lot, then yes.”

ME: “So, tell me a little bit about Ronan Maxwell, the hero in the story.”

SYLVIE: “Ah, the beautiful bosshole. He sure is great for stocking the good ol’ spank bank.”

ME: “How so?”

SYLVIE: “For one, he’s gorgeous. Like, ridiculously so. And unless he stuffs a cucumber in his pants every day, the man is hung like a horse. I keep telling Quinn to go reverse cowgirl on his ass, but she’s still in denial.”

ME: “Denial about what?”

SYLVIE: “The fact that she wants him. You should see the verbal foreplay between those two. Can you say HOT? It totally makes me want to rub one out afterwards.” (Fans self dramatically)

ME: (Blank stare) “Uh...”

SYLVIE: (Points to self) “Token wildly inappropriate friend, remember?”

ME: (Nods) “Right. So in closing, why do you think people should read Billionaire Bosshole?”

SYLVIE: “Oh, that’s easy. It has the 3 H’s: Heat, humor, and heart. Plus, who doesn’t love a dirty-talking alphahole? Me-ow!”

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Billionaire Bosshole has the 3 H's: Heat, humor, and heart. And of course, dirty-talking alphaholes. What more could you want? Click on the appropriate link below to grab your copy now. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can borrow it for FREE! CLICK HERE to get your copy now!


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