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Fallen Heirs

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive...


Pretty, pretentious little liars.

I’m surrounded by them everywhere I turn.


But I’m learning not everything is as it seems.


The ones who I thought were my enemies have become my greatest allies. And the ones who I severely underestimated turned out to be much eviler than I could’ve ever imagined.


They say money can’t buy happiness. Well...I’m here to tell you, it can certainly broker a deal with a devil.


And the funny thing about dealing with devils? They always come to collect. Too bad for them, I’m going to put up one helluva fight. I’m stronger. I’m ready.


And I’m going to love watching them fall.


*FALLEN HEIRS is the third book in the Windsor Academy series. This is the conclusion to Jazz and Kingston’s story and cannot be read as a standalone.


the tropes

the windsor academy series

  • Bully

  • Suspense

  • New Girl

  • New Adult

  • He Falls First

  • Strong Heroine

  • Dark Academia

  • Different Worlds

  • Organized Crime

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Heroine in Danger

  • Jealous/Possessive Hero

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