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Deal Makers

I've officially screwed the pooch.


I mean, not literally, because that would be disgusting. But I did break one of the cardinal rules of Bro Code, which is equally appalling. You see, I fell for my best friend's sister after he explicitly forbid me to go near her. As if that weren't bad enough, I went ahead and married her while shitfaced in Vegas.


I know that I should get an annulment and forget the whole thing ever happened, despite the fact that our wedding night was the hottest thing I've ever experienced.


The last thing I should do is go back for seconds.


Or thirds. get the point.


And what I definitely shouldn't do, is say fuck the consequences and give this marriage a real shot. But here's the problem with that: I'm pretty sure that Charlotte Harris is the one. And if that's the case, nothing is going to keep me away from her.


Not even her brother.


the tropes

  • Firefighter

  • Secret Tryst

  • Found Family

  • Sassy Heroine

  • Reformed Playboy

  • Romantic Comedy

  • Cinnamon Roll Hero

  • Brother's Best Friend

  • Drunken Vegas Wedding

the dealing with love series

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