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I fell in love with Beckett Armstrong before either one of us knew what that meant.


He was my first kiss. My first love. 


My entire world. 


We promised each other forever, and we meant it wholeheartedly. But unfortunately, when tragedy struck, love wasn't nearly enough to save us. 


Little did we know... it would only get worse from there.


Twelve years later, Beckett and I wear our scars like finely crafted armor. We've been in survival mode for so long, we've forgotten how to live. After everything we've endured, can we move beyond the pain to forge a future together? 


Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of our past? 



*REDEMPTION was previously published under the same title in Corinne Michaels' Salvation Society world. As the rights have been reverted back to Laura Lee, all references to Ms. Michaels' Salvation Series have been removed. The story itself has not changed. 


the tropes

  • Soulmates

  • Small Town

  • Protector Hero

  • Emotional Scars

  • It's Always Been You

  • DV Survivor Heroine

  • Best Friends to Lovers

  • Second Chance Romance

  • High School Sweethearts

  • Cowboy / Former Navy SEAL

the hope springs series

*Additional books will be added in the near future.

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