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From USA Today bestselling author, Laura Lee, comes a hot enemies-to-lovers romance filled with second chances.

Forget about those other celebrity chefs. Or as I like to call them...


Nobody can perfect a pastry like yours truly. People come from all over the world to taste my delectable treats. Women practically throw themselves at me, begging for a chance to suck the cream out of my éclair.

I'm handsome, I'm wealthy, and I'm talented.

All in all, life is pretty sweet.

At least it was...until a beautiful Latina walked into my life and lit my whole damn world on fire.

They say all is fair in love and war. Well, Gabriela Martinez may not know it yet, but she and I are definitely at war.

Note: Billionaire Bad Boy is an interconnected standalone novella in the Bedding the Billionaire world. This story was previously published under the title: Sweet Temptations. The content has not been revised.

Billionaire Bad Boy (Collector's Edition)

Expected to ship in early June