Are dirty talking alphas totally your jam?

Are dirty talking alpha-holes totally your jam? Do you love all the delicious tension that comes with an enemies-to-lovers story? If you answered yes to either, then I have something for you!

PUBLIC RELATIONS, the first interconnected standalone in my new Steamy Short series, is now live and on Kindle Unlimited! If you follow me on Book + Main, you can see some of the exclusive excerpts that I've posted like THIS.

I was doing a final read-through of it right before release, and holy shiz, I almost forgot how diiiirty it is. Seriously, y'all, filthiest sex scenes I've ever written! That said, the sexy times aren't the only fun parts in this story. Liam, the hero, is a dirty talking, super hot alpha. Avery, the heroine, is the strongest, take no bull character I've ever written. So much so, that I dedicated the book to all the women out there in the world who are like her. She's smart, sassy, and driven and I hope you guys love her as much as I do. 

Without further ado, check out the blurb: 

It can’t get much worse than finding your fiancé banging his secretary over the back of your couch, right?


Try discovering your unforgettable, dirty talking, arrogant as f*ck one-night stand is your new boss. The same man that you hate with a fiery passion but your traitorous body refuses to read the memo. 

I’ll admit, Liam Maxwell’s cockiness is not unwarranted—in the bedroom or the boardroom—but I’m a professional. I refuse to let an inconvenient attraction affect my career. I’ll just have to do what I do best: manage the situation objectively. 

Why do I get the feeling that’s going to be much easier said than done? CLICK HERE to grab your copy for only 99¢ or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!